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What our customers are saying

HP Tax & Accounting was referred to me by a friend. I was hot happy with the delay of the task by the CPA I was working with. HP is prompt, efficient, punctual and through in every aspect of the accounting. I am very pleased to recommend HP to all my friends and business associates. HP is helping for last three years and he is awesome individual. Try HP once and you will be client for rest of your life.

~Bharat P.

The best CPA experience I have ever had. Would highly recommend to anyone. Extremely professional and knowledgeable

~Soumya G. 

We met with Hemal on Sunday, which was a great accommodation! He explained everything to us, was very patient, repeatedly asked if we had questions, and assured us that he would work to be sure we got the best report on our taxes. He also made us feel that we would work together to make our future tax experiences easier to handle. So far - he's been great!

~Lorian A. 

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